Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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The blue Pacific



Day 72 Eugene to Florence (part 2 )88 miles

Our warm shower host Elly showed us to the 7 mile cycle path that took us out of Eugene and from then on we weaved our way through forests and passed lakes and crossed rivers on our way to Florence,there was still a nasty little 1,000 ft climb just as a final reminder of earlier days.We reached Florence expecting just to roll into town and straight onto the beach and the Pacific Ocean,but no the beach we were told was another 4 miles but even then there were huge sand dunes,so we took one photo and headed back to town where Gerrrys friend Trish had arrranged for a supprise celebration dinner for us at a really nice restaurant ,plus a lovely bottle of champagne,what a great way to finish our adventure,needless to say we both were feeling a bit hung over this morning as we did find a part of the coast where we did take some photos. Difficult to put into words how we feel now that we have completed the 4,152 miles in 72 days of cycling,we did burn off 270,200 calories each but I think it will only really sink in what we have achieved and all the super people we have met along the way when we get home and sit down and look at the hundreds of photos ,our blog,messages of support and Gerrys own diary,so for now thank you all for you help and encouragement and I do hope we have managed to raise some funds for DDS4OP


Day 71 McKenzie Bridge to Eugene 55 miles

Todays ride was a long leasurely slow downhill ride to Eugene along the McKenzie river.Weather was just nice for cycling with a nice breeze, we passed loads of nazelnut farms and a covered bridge built in 1938 ,these bridges are now protected and as we were looking at one Tony a local fire fighter stopped for a chat.We arrived at Eugene and were welcomed by our lovely warm shower host Elle,who runs a bike shop. Going for a beer and pizza tonight and ready for an early start tomorrow morning.


Day 70 Sisters to McKenzie Bridge 52 miles

Forgot to mention that yesterday morning in Prineville we did an interview for their local newspaper. Today was our last steep climb,up and over the Cascade mountains at McKenzie Pass,Steve our warm shower host came with us to make sure we did’nt get lost and to be our guide.The climb started through a forest ,weather was very hot ,after 12 miles we reached Windy point and our first view of the 50 square miles of lava that slid down the valley only 1,500 years ago.As we sat looking out at this moonscape another onlooker kindly gave each of us a large cold can of lemonade,you cannot imagine just how good that tasted.Another 3 miles and we reached the spectacular summit at McKenzies Pass via a corridor of black lava,yet another complete change of scenary ,weve had so many of these during our adventure.We bid farewell to Steve and made our way down through the forest ,the descent had lots of bends ,some very sharp but we finally arrived in McKenzie Bridge where our supposed warm shower host was not available,so the nice lady who runs the local motel gave us a very good room rate.We clocked up over 4,000 miles today,two more days and one map to go before we hopefully reach the Pacific coast.