Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 57 Darby to Missoula 65 miles


Our warm shower hosts Patrick and Haley had 8 guests last night,we all had a great meal and lots of mead ,which is the buisiness that Patrick and his family are in.The 65 miles to Missoula was through a very commercialised part of the Bitterroot Valley, we rode a bike path alongside the busy road ,not very interesting ,lots of traffic ,and very hot. We will visit the Adventure Cycling headquarters here in Missoula tomorrow morning before we head off into Idaho.We will also be crossing another time line and putting our watches back another hour.



4 thoughts on “Day 57 Darby to Missoula 65 miles

  1. The remainder of the travelling wheelberrys are heading off in the am to do the Greenway ++tomorrow and Sunday .Seems pretty tame in comparison to the trans am but I bet you guys never did the “the Trans Achill” it’s just another coast to coast,! Best of luck

  2. Wow lads Idaho, its amazing what you have achieved and will finalize in a short few weeks. be very proud of your selves we all are here.

  3. Thanks ,enjoy the kerry cycle.there are only 2 hills

  4. Fair play to Patrick and Haley for looking after you all. A gang of us are heading for Killarney today to do the Ring of Kerry cycle tomorrow – we probably won’t be able to walk, or sit, by tomorrow night. Don’t know how you are doing all those miles lads, keep it up you are great!
    Jackie C

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