Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 50 Dubois to Teton National Park 67 miles

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We left the fine town of Dubois and once again we had a serious head wind as we headed up through much greener mountain ranges and fine forests,soon the Teton mountain range came into view,what a spectacular site.Because of the head winds it took us 5 hours before we finally reached the top of Togwotee Pass at 9585 ft 30 miles into our days cycling.from there it was 17 miles down hill,but even this was difficult.At Moran Junction we entered Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks at a fee of $18 , there are major roadworks happening here so our bikes had to be put on a truck to be brought across the road works.We are staying in a cabin in the park in view of the fantastic Teton mountains,a very peacefull and uplifting place.The last 3 days cycling have been very tough because of the winds but we have battled away and feel guite proud that we have overcome natures best efforts to stop us getting to ouf destinations.


One thought on “Day 50 Dubois to Teton National Park 67 miles

  1. Great stuff lads…….targets being met

    Now becoming seriously envious of where you are and what you’re experiencing ………enjoy every moment……want to hear all the stories on your return

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