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Day 56 Wisdom to Darby 55 miles

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Davids birthday party last night was great craic,lots of drinks and lots of singing .Today started with getting away from the mossies in Wisdom, the road took us through a wonerful BIg hole battlefields and then through a lovely fir tree forest for the first 25 miles.,then we climbed up to Chief Josephs pass at 7241 ft.and down to Bitteroot Valley .This Valley was a gentle down hill with mountains ,farms and holiday chalets .Along the route we met Dug from New Zealand going to New York and Ellis and Stuart who were going as far as Hot Springs. We are staying with warm shower hoasts Patrick and Haley in Darby .I weighed myself today ,i have lost 10 lbs



One thought on “Day 56 Wisdom to Darby 55 miles

  1. Delighted you are in the Bitterroot Valley for it is one of the most scenic parts of Montana.

    The Bitterroot flower, while common in many parts of the Rockies, is the state flower of Montana.

    Darby is certainly “big city” (over 700 people) after Wisdom (300 inhabitants), so hope you can avoid the traffic jams!

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