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Day 60 Lowell to Grangeville 50 miles


As we left Lowell we met Irishman Ed , a motocyclist whose parents live in Killarney. We set off still in the lovely forest but after 20 miles the trees were gone and we were into a more rugged hilly enviroment which led us to the Nez Perce Indian reservation,we went through a really nice town of Kooskia which had lots of saloons and a theatre,from there we went to Hapster where a long 5 mile climb at 7% started ,this was a very hard climb not only because the 7% but the temperature was over 80 and with very little hard shoulder .At the top of the climb we entered a plateau of farms and wheat before finally making our way to Grangeville the main seat of Idaho County.


7 thoughts on “Day 60 Lowell to Grangeville 50 miles

  1. How do you follow all these cycling adventures – here is the transdrog – Sunday started off dull and we all thought the promised heat wave was another flop BUT we were wrong and the temperatures started to rise, it was tough walking up Mell from the garage where we needed urgent 7 up stocks for our much needed cocktails, we now have a YELLOW WARNING from Met Ireland and it looks like we may have, and in some parts of the country have had, temperatures of (are ye ready for this) 27 DEGREES – ye see lads no matter how tough ye think ye have it there are always people worse off !!! stay safe you are doing and amazing job

  2. Lads serious and great progress being made here. Well done

    Jackie and Fenton did Kerry……..Bernard did Achill…..well done…… love both places

    We did trans Drogheda ——-Narrow West St to the bottom of Shop St….loads of people out in the sun…….some market stall apparently doing well……..some buskers……….general good spot……hope to see you both there soon

  3. Well done lads, sounds like tough going at the moment.
    We did the Ring of Kerry (180K) at the weekend, so not to be outdone…….
    We set off by Golf 1600 from Drogheda on Friday, heading south on M7 (good surface). Progress was impeeded by excess luggage, ducklings, bikes and bad traffic congestion in Adare. On arrival in Killarney we were thrown the curve ball of massive queues to register (having already done all that online). Once settled into our excellent accomodations (Discover Ireland ‘hoasts’) we set out to forrage the local habitat for vittals and found a grand pub. Following a short and fitful few hours sleep (see pub – no seriously we only had the one) we set off at 6.30am in beautiful sunshine. Locals were very encouraging, and we had a great day. The spin was a tough but worthwhile experience and all the excellent coaching, training and advice stood to us – so take a bow. We even managed a ‘sort of ‘ sprint to the finish line where we were met with chilled pink champagne (supplied by Sandra’s husband – hereafter referred to as ‘that lovely man’). No Great, or even Mediocre, Divide but we did have Moll’s Gap in the scorching heat – whoever Moll is……? Apart from cycling, we spent a good slice of the day queuing – for water, for food, for the loo etc etc. Anyway, celebrations continued long into the night, eh no, we were all in bed by 11.30pm – honest.
    Keep up the good work boys, I dont know how you are doing it – I really don’t want to even see a bike for a few days at least.

  4. Irishman Ed had a lot easier time of that long 7% grade in the heat, but he didn’t have that great sense of accomplishment after completing it, hey? Good work lads, ye are men of iron, that’s for sure.

  5. Amazing work lads and in record time too.it has been wonderful following your trip and look forward to the final leg to the Pacific.

  6. Love your “blog” Bernard look forward to the next one when u have dried your clothes out.

  7. Good to see the progress.You will be delighted to know that we the remaining travelling wheelberrys managed to complete the Greenway and trans Achill in both directions.The outward journey was completed on Saturday in wet and windy conditions and low visibility.The conditions were so bad it was impossible to tell when we crossed the “devide” there was no warm shower ,”hoast” to greet us having made do with a some morsels of crab and salmon we retired to bed following a trek to the south western coast of Achill.Sunday morning saw us setting off in the mist and rain which shortly cleared .the west to east “”trans Achill” was easier not least because of a westerly wind.We could clearly discern the direction of the rivers and the transition of the “not so great devide,”
    As you can see you have both been a great inspiration to us.We are now considering our new “expedition” which might even be the “trans Louth”
    Seriously well done so far lads.

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