Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 46 Riverside to Rawlins 61 miles


Yesterday evening in the local store me met Frosty Wooldridge who has been cycling all over thd world for over 30 years, we invited him back to our small cabin for a shower and went for a meal and he slept on our floor.He has written books on various subjects including cycling and is at the moment on his way from mexico to canada To cut a long story short he has sort of adopted us and wants to cycle with us for the next few days. So all 3 of us set off this morning from Riverside with no wind after 10 miles we stopped and Frosty showed us some exercises that he uses to keep his body relaxed while on a long cycle ,only takes 3 minutes so we both joined in,this was repeated another 2 times during the day ,much to the amusement of the passing lorry drivers.Had lunch by the river in Saratoga but as soon as we hit highway 80 a fierce head wind suddenly arrived which made cycling nearly impossable.We struggled on for 21 miles in these terrible conditions,stopping once to avoid a sand storm .We finally arrived at thd home of our warmshower hoasts Kevin and Lucy Noorwood, a lovely couple who made us a steak and fish dinner and a nice place to stay.There is no phone coverage for us here in Wyoming and the wifi is not that good so im not sure when our next blog will be available.


6 thoughts on “Day 46 Riverside to Rawlins 61 miles

  1. Sand Storms what next ??? stay safe

  2. Take and post a video of Frosty’s exercises, please! I could use them too. 🙂 Praying the winds are with you.

  3. Hi Dave and Gerry ,some trip ye are on Mark said he would like to buy one of Frostys books We could do with learning Frostys exercises for the ring of Kerry .It is great to follow your trip ,ye are doing great .Anne

  4. you certainly meet interesting people when you are cycling, great blog today. you are doing great and the photos show it. both looking good and still friends i take it/ keep up the hard work we are all rooting for you here

  5. Hi Dave , Gerry and Frosty
    Hello from Jackie and Fenton in Sardinia
    Glad to hear all is going well and Jackie is very much looking forward to a rendition of Frosty’s exercises on the Saturday morning spins when yawl get back!
    Heading for the home stretch now – give her Tullyallen
    J and F

  6. Great blog today lads……

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