Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 58 Missoula to Powell 56 miles


We did’nt see our warm showers hoast at all last night,we, and a lot of others just slept in his big house,most strange.We called into The adventure cycling headquarters in Missoula this morning, we had a tour of the facility, bought a few T shirts ,had our photos taken and were given a free ice cream.I had my bike and all my gear weighed , guess how much ??.I broke a spoke a couple of days ago, luckily we had brought spares so we replaced it a and the bike shop in MIssoula checked that everything was ok.We finally left Missoula at 10-30 and went 8 miles back up the road we had come in on yesterday,turned right onto road 12 which we will be on for a few days.The road took us along the Lolo Creek,,we passed Fort Fizzle where in 1887 the US army tried to stop the Nez Pierce indians from leaving.after 22 miles we began the 7% 4 mile climb up to Lolo summit at 5,235 ft which is also the last time we will cross the Continental Divide and is where Montana stops and Idaho starts.As soon as we began the descent into Idaho the road surface changed ,very rough with pot holes and bad filling.just like home !!.The road weaved its way between mountains of huge pine trees, both sides of us and very close to the road.There was also a river bubbling down beside us.We reached Powell where we are camping tonight.Dont forget to guess what my bike and gear weighed


8 thoughts on “Day 58 Missoula to Powell 56 miles

  1. Hi Gerry,

    It was great talking with you that evening at the swings where my daughter was playing. I hope me and Ella can do something as cool as you are doing someday! Enjoy the beautiful northwest. I’ll guess a little high based on the “classic” tent and say 90lbs. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Just to let you know are heat wave lasted one day its Sunday lunch time and its warm and overcast but it feels like Summer my guess is 64lbs – is there a prize???

  3. I would guess the bike and gear weighs 52 Kg based on my long experience in cycling as Dave would recall in 1994 when I passed him at speed on the Dublin-Belfast maracycle. Lots of great PR on the local front, keep up the great work. Rg Charlie

  4. Hi guys,
    Adrian reckons in new money about 30 kilo!! Hope you’re staying away from the heatwaves over there. We’ve got a mini one here now….. hopefully it’ll last til ye get back!
    Eimear x

  5. Keep up the great work!!! I’m guessing 143 pounds.

  6. Doing great lads, nearly there now, hope the camping was ok and you don’t get dizzy on the winding roads. reckon teh weight of your bike and gear about 70 lbs

  7. You are now going into my favorite part of the trip. from Missoula to Astoria is amazing! havefun and soak it all in! as for the bike and gear, I’m guessing 82 lbs.

  8. Hi Gerry and Dave,

    Welcome to the Pacific time zone and best wishes from San Francisco 🙂

    I’ve been following your trip with great interest and admiration. I’ve done the cross country trip 3 times, twice west to east and once east to west but all in a car. It was very interesting but not as fun as on a bike. It sure is one big, beautiful and interesting country.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

    Seamus Scanlon
    Drogheda and San Francisco.

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