Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 54 Ennis to Dillon 72 miles


Today started with a tough 10 mile 7% climb out of Ennis,once at the top we descended into Virginia City,the site of the Montana gold rush which took place from 1863 to 1865.There are still 237 of the original buildings remaining ,many are still in use , a lot selling antiques.We met Dick and his wife Barbara outside the ice cream shop,he may be able to get us on the local radio station.From there it was onto Navada City where we had some strawberry pie.The terrain was very green and lush,completely different from Wyoming or Kansas ,but we were still surrounded by mountains,the smell of fresh cut hay was very noticeable..15 miles from Dillon we saw the famous Beaverhead Rock a well known landmark in local history.We finally arrived in Dillon a bit tired because of the 90 + temperatures.Tomorrow we will have to face the biggest mosquito location in this state and have to contend with over 50,000 hippies descending on a small town for a Rainbow festival.Forgot to mention yesterday that we have now passed the 3,000 mile marker..Please keep your comments coming , we love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Day 54 Ennis to Dillon 72 miles

  1. 3000 miles…great going lads……..enjoy the hippies…….love the opening photo…..cigars and guns……..do they also sell health plans???

    News from home………slow week now that the Anglo tapes are off the headlines…….

  2. You could turn into a couple of hippies for a day.

  3. Hi Lads glad to here all your news and love the videos and pics keep them coming and safe traveling

  4. Which is worse 50,000 mosquitos or 50,000 hippies. They both fly in different ways!!

  5. Looking great. You must really miss heading out by Mell to Collon and on to Castlebellingham. “you cannot beat the youth”I am disappointed not to hear about the “americano’s”

  6. Vick menthol rub is supposed to be a good repellent to mosquitos, cant do any harm to try! mind you will be a case of smell you later ha ha

  7. Sounds like a tough day ahead, what with the mossies and the hippies! Keek her lit, sure ye have the back broken on it now.

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