Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 52 Grant Village to West Yellowstone 51 miles


What a fantastic day.After 6 miles we crossed the continental divide for the 6 th time and then after 12 miles we crossed it again for the 7 th time.The weather was very hot as we turned into the Old faithfull tourist area ,we saw Old Faithfull gush steam high into the air , this happens every 70 minutes,and this was watched by hundreds of tourists ,we also watched a movie giving the formation on how these geysers are formed.Further up the road we stopped at many other spectacular geysers,some large pools of clear blue boiling water,others had very colourfull edges and some were spewing hot yellow water into the Madison river .No photos can really reflect how magnificant these geysers are ,but i did try .At one of these stops several people came up to us to ask what we were doing, some even wanted to have a picture taken with us .Next we were heading for Madison junction when we spotted a Bison grazing close to the road,Gerry got pretty close but what a magnificant beast.At Madison junction we parted company with Frosty,he had been with us for 6 days he was heading North to Canada.He had been a wealth of knowledge on cycle touring,camping and any subject you could mention,he had given us 6 days of non stop information ,we had made him laugh. He ,and us were quite emotional when we said good by ,nice man.We rode the last 14 miles along the Madison river which was also going West , we crossed into Montana and our final destination of West Yellowstone,a fine town with a lots of shops and things to do.We are having a rest day tomorrow and plan to get all our clothes washed.


8 thoughts on “Day 52 Grant Village to West Yellowstone 51 miles

  1. Fantastic pictures and blog lads. Really capturing the spirit of the places you visit. All looks and sound fantastic. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

  2. Just home from France and catching up on your blogs. My brother, who lives in France, has been following your blog and is inspired by your achievements. So much so that he is trying to convince Fergus to do the trip with him. Fergus is also inspired but can’t see himself cycling across America. Your photo’s and comments are great and give an insight into the real America. Nedal is out of Wimbledon, I’m very disappointed and the Tour De France started yesterday. Your doing great. Keep pedaling.

  3. Dave and Gerry, everyone loving the posts and videos keep up the good work. so love to be in Montana, enjoy all that space and scenery.

  4. Hey Gerry and Dave, Just brilliant looking at all your photos and reading your blog. What an adventure you are having. Just keeping pinching yourselves to realise it IS really happening xxxx Carmel and William

  5. What a place……..still envious…….enjoy the rest day

  6. Great photos ,really is a trip of a lifetime

  7. Hi guys. Greetings from Boston. Pics are fantastic. Wonderful to be following your trip. Enjoy the day off and good luck with the rest of the journey. Gary, Evelyne and the girls.

  8. Very envious of everything you have seen in the last few days, wish I was there to see it all. Have a good rest day today, take it easy.

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