Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 41 Guffey to Fairplay 45 miles


Last nights accomodation was something we will never forget,we had breakfast in the Bull Moose in Guffey ,they were all interested in how we survived last night.Guffey is a real funny place its mayor is a cat,the previous mayor was a dog. We got back onto our route through the Rockies a lovely sunny morning and we were surrounded by lovely scenary as we made our way gradually up to Currant Creek Pass at 9,400 ft.This was at 11 miles into our days cycle and the view from the pass was stunning as we had the snow capped Rockies directly in front of us.From there we made our way to Hartsel were we had lunch and avoiced a thunder storm,but after that the weather changed.The final 17 miles into Fairplay was so windy that twice we had to stop as we could make no headway,the wind did drop slightly and we eventually made it to Fairplay and very glad to get out of the wind.Tomorrow we climb up to Hoosier Pass at 11,500 ft,the highest point of our entire journey,hope the wind will have died down by the .


7 thoughts on “Day 41 Guffey to Fairplay 45 miles

  1. Hey there TAHT. Shed u slept in if we had that out the back Jez Edger said he could give up his Flat
    Ha ha ha KEEP SAFE. x

  2. Hey it beats a night on a picnic shelter table during a 5 hour thunder storm any day, hey?

  3. Wow, are ye mad in the head staying there! that’s an experience not to be forgotten i’d say. the the mayor welcome you to Guffey? you are doing great with the climbing should be some downhill soon 🙂 keep up the great blog and reports loving it.

  4. Ahh lads there is rustic and then there’s RUSTIC – glad you survived the night ha ha you definitely are finding interesting places to lay your heads down stay saft

  5. Guys what an adverture. Loving the reports. Delighted you got away from Bills place in one piece. That looked very dodgy. Bernard had us on a great spin yesterday to Ardee, coffee stop etc. Getting it on the record first it was not my idea to climb that big hill before Ardee. Tony loved it! Be safe.

  6. Hey Dave , after looking at your Cabin I don’t think you should be in charge of booking out accomadation next year, as no matter how bad it is you will always be able to say you stayed in worse.

  7. I think you win the quirkiest accomodation prize .Well done on the climbing makes Naul seem tame.I think you should bring a souvenir home to Stephanie from Guffey. The barbacue looks good don’t bother with the gas canister.

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