Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 68 Mitchell to Prineville 49 miles


We were glad to leave the very old town of Mitchell,not a great place,especially with both eating places closed on Mondays,we were soon out into pine covered hills and some green meadows,there was one stunning rock formation we passed after a few miles.8 miles out we started the long climb up to Ochoco Pass at 4,720 ft not an easy climb as the temperature was very hot and some heavy traffic.We met Russell and Peggy on the way down from the Pass,they are from Kansas City and heading for LA.We passed by Ochoco resevoir on the way into Prineville where we are staying with lovely warm shower hosts Dennis and Kim,they have a small farm one mile from their house which we went to visit,they have also arranged for some of their friends round to meet us and play a bit of music.At this stage me need to get a manager !!!


5 thoughts on “Day 68 Mitchell to Prineville 49 miles

  1. Enjoyed chatting with you two on the front porch of Mitchell Hotel.
    Congratulations on this enormous accomplishment and best of luck
    with your few remaining days to the Oregon coast.
    I hope to see Gerry near the Erath Winery in Dundee.
    You have a place to stay in Portland if you plan to explore the city.

  2. The roads around Drogheda and the surrounding areas are now swamped with cyclists, we now have cycling mania – Thanks lads, stay safe

  3. I think I might have a candidate for the manager’s position.He is an experienced cyclist,not so good at arranging quick “departs”,not great on restaurant selection,great experience of arranging”photo opportunity s”!,Great attention to detail,with the possible exception of mechanical matters.! But great maker of Americano’s….

  4. Dave and Gerry, you are both amazing, safe journey for the next 4 days to see you both achieve your dream. Can’t wait for you to come home. As I keep saying so proud of you both. Look forward to the final pictures, take loads. Think we will be talking about this for many years to come, xx

  5. Great job. How many miles left ?

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