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Day 66 Prairie City to Dayville 44 miles


Had a bit of a late start this morning as we only had 44 miles to Dayville and mostly downhill.I always thought that Oreron was a very lush green state but East Oregon is very desert like with a strip of green area about a mile wide supporting Ranches and farms overlooked on both sides by juniper covered hillsides.Our route took us through the John Day river valley.passing through John Day City beside the John Day river,passed the John Day memorial and onto John Day business centre and John Day school and of course the John Day vetenarian clinic.Apparently John Day was a adventurere and frontier man and a bit of a story teller,lots of stories were about him fighting bears and indians.So we arrived in the small town of Dayville where we are staying in the Presbyterian church which has been hoasting cyclists since the 1970′s.it has a shower,fully fitted kitchen wifi and places to sleep,a fantastic establishment.As a help with the "guess the weight "of my bike competition I have added a picture of my bike fully laden,remember that the 3 water bottles are all full.


3 thoughts on “Day 66 Prairie City to Dayville 44 miles

  1. Great photo of the Bike Dave thanks. looks like you are having good time linking up with few bikers. take it easy .

  2. Thanks for the bike photo, just submitted my guess – probably well wide of the mark but anyway…
    Dayville sounds like a nice place. Enjoy the rest of the trip, we’re all looking forward to your return now. We had a great spin on Saturday, 18 cyclists in the sunshine – with one new cyclist joining

  3. any sign of a Mrs. Day ??

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