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Day 53 Yellowstone to Ennis (June 30 th) 73 miles


We left the Madison Hotel at 7-30,West Yellowstone is a fine place but quite expensive because of the influx of tourists.We left town along a forested road and after 9 miles we turned along Hebgen lake ,site of the 1959 earthquake which hit 7.5 on thd Richter scale ,in one minute 80 million tons of rock plunged into the narrow canyon blocking the river and forming the lake,luckily for us everything has now been cleared away and the lake with the mountains behind it looks like we could be in Austria.Fly fishing is huge in this area,the river was full of people waist high in the water fly fishing,others were fishing from boats.11 miles from Ennis we stopped for lunch at Cameron and met up with fellow Trans amers Ben and Joanns who we had not seen since the rattlesnake killing incicent 4 weeks ago. Rod a motor cyclist from New Zealand who we had been chatting with yesterday also stopped to wish us luck for the rest of our trip.We had completed the 73 miles into Ennis in good time as most of the journey was either flat or down hill,but we know that tomorrows ride will be a different story.


6 thoughts on “Day 53 Yellowstone to Ennis (June 30 th) 73 miles

  1. Following your blogs for some time now. Fantastic and Pics are great. Well done to you both.

    Noel & Phil

  2. Frosty will be missed. Excellent descriptions from Dave & video by de brother. Heading into hot country now lots of sun screen & keep moving on. I’m jealous, excellent experience, you will be able to bore the pants off friends with the photos – for many years.. Peace & love – Declan de brother..

  3. Congrats on reaching Montana – the photos are amazing

  4. well done lads, you’re doing fantastic-the photographs, videos and descriptions really are super. it must be amazing to wake up everyday, hop on your bike and make some great and truly memorable experiences and encounters with wild animals good company and incredible landscapes. stay safe and good luck pedalling onwards, sounds like a tough cycle day is on the cards…:-)

  5. Some comments from facebook page in case you miss them

    ts time for you to leave a message for the lads, they need to know how much support there is here for them. you cann do it here or go to their great blog and comment there. so get to it
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    Eddie Phelan, Yvonne Fagan Grendon and 2 others like this.

    Anita O’ Shea Loving the pictures of your adventures lads.
    17 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Noelle Bowe With you all the way guys,very proud of you
    17 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Debbie White loving looking at all your adventrures every day keep safe
    17 hours ago · Like

    Yvonne Fagan Grendon Well done boys on your achievement. Great entertainment along the way and I’m sure you both hav fab memories
    15 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Olive Reynolds Great seeing all the pic along the way very proud of you guys keep up the good work xx
    13 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Paul McDonald Remember lads that you’ve wanted this for a long time… and soon enough you’ll be home and back to the normal way of life dreaming you were on your bikes again. Stop. Take a moment. Breathe. Look around and remember where you are and what you’re doing. You don’t need our support to follow your dream. You’re living. On yer bikes!
    11 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Valerie Bowden great going lad’s love the picture’s … keep up the good work all the best from myself and Anthony Griffin
    2 minutes ago · Like

    hope you enjoy the positive thought going out to you 1

  6. I am pleased that you are now in the state of my birth, Montana!

    I remember that earthquake well for my dad and I were sleeping in a motel near by and woke up realizing our beds were rolling across the room! That experience was something you never forget.

    Take care about those bears!

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