Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Cycling Day 44 Hot Sulphur Springs to Walden 61 miles


Early 7-30 start after our rest day.The last 2 days we had been heading East and after 7 miles we turned left and headed north going up through 35 miles of fantastic forests ,rivers,,rock faces and teaming with wild life,there was very little traffic and only the ocassional logging trucks.Several ranches were scattered along the route,some with cattle and horses some with logging equipmet.At 30 miles we had a stiff 2 mile climb up to Willow Creek Pass at 9863 ft,this is also our second crossing of the Continental Divide. From there we gently decended to Rand and the terrain changed completely,we were in wide open country flanked on both sides by mountains and signs telling us to be aware of very strong winds, but for once the winds were behind us and we were flying along at over 20 mph without peddling on a high plateau,fantastic.We sat on the roadside having lunch when Phil a local ranch owner stopped for a chat.we were then joined by Blain ,a ranch manager,the craic was great as they explained what life is like in this area.We flew into Walden the Moose viewing capital of Colorado .Gerry had shot a lot of short videos,unfortunately his phone had no coverage in this area,so he will send them as soon as he can..We head for Wyoming tomorrow but the last four days in Colorado have been absolutely fantastic.


8 thoughts on “Cycling Day 44 Hot Sulphur Springs to Walden 61 miles

  1. Tony, we’re still living in an imperial system here in the US of A

  2. Love the blog and the pictures today. It was great to Skype you both last night and see how fit, tanned and well you both are. We are all very proud of you both. Keep buying the t-shirts.

  3. Hope you stocked up on Breakfast in Moose Cafe before setting off again. A remote little spot but lovely. Great reading, you are doing really well.

  4. wow you have come out of a days rest full of beans, great blog very poetic and exciting. love the photos you are doing great.

  5. Walden was one of the most isolated town I ever visited but a good night was had in the Antlers Hotel. Check out the homesteaders museum behind the courthouse.

  6. Dear Dave & Gerry,

    We’ve been monitoring your progress with interest since you started, and it seems by all accounts, save for a few minor mishaps, that your TranAm Adventure is going very well, and exceeding your expectations in many ways. Heard you on the Radio on Tuesday, and you came across very well. I’d say a lot of listeners found it difficult to grasp the scale of what you’re achieving. Now that you’ve crossed the great divide, and are more than half way, you’re going downhill metaphorically from here, through what is likely to be the best part of the trip. Well done so far, and be assured that all your friends back here are continuing to root for you and wish you well as you get ever closer to the Pacific and achieve your Dream. Those who will benefit from your enormous efforts will be very grateful, and it goes without saying that you should be extremely proud of your achievement. Stay safe, and Best wishes, from Pat & Eileen Meehan, Mornington.

  7. Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing the videos. Enjoy.

  8. The Climbs X Feet high, the Distance is X Miles, Speed Miles per Hour, – we are never going to get you into Climbs Meters High, Distance and speed in Kilometers are we??

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