Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 43 Silverthorne to Hot Sulphur Springs 58 miles


Another great days cycling ! We bid farewell to Silverthorne with the wind at our backs ,after 15 miles our route took us up and around the very scenic Green mountain reservoir,no photos could really show how beautiful this 10 miles was, the small town of Heeney was at the most westerly end.From there it was onto Kremmling,a typical western cowboy type town,we had lunch in the local saloon before following the Colorado river towards Hot Sulphur Springs,,just before the Springs we cycled through the most amazing Byers Canyon,with huge red rocks towering each side of us and a road,river and railroad all running through this magnificent piece of nature. We met Ian from Warrington ,who has run out of time and has to go home in 2 days and Kevin who was travelling from West to East. We may take a rest day tomorror but if the wind is in our favour we may not.


6 thoughts on “Day 43 Silverthorne to Hot Sulphur Springs 58 miles

  1. Just wish I was with you guys in the Rockies…looks wonderful….an experience of a lifetime…enjoy every moment

    An now the news from home………Enda, the big An T, met Barrack and the other Great Seven in Fermanagh…….they’re going to get the tax dodgers but have agreed to leave the banks alone…….Michelle and daughters did Glendalough….girls looked as if the wished they were in the Rockies

  2. Looking better all the time.God speed

  3. Dave and Gerry hope you have a lovely rest day you really deserve it. you are doing great with the photo and blog not to mention the cycling 🙂 loving the places you are visiting and seeing the sights the scenery is breathtaking. you are keeping a lot of people entertained here and great topic of conversation. hope you are checking the FB page for comments of encouragement from your friends and envyors . kep it up, doing great.

  4. You are making me sooooo hungry to take this trip myself!!! Bravo to both of you for all the hard pedaling you’re doing. And I appreciate the way you give the details about wind, hills, and storms WITHOUT whining!!! Your great attitudes lift my spirits. God Bless You and your ride.

    • Hi Beth,glad you are enmoying our adventure.Did we meet you along the way ,do we know you.do you know us ,Sorry to ssk so many questions but were glsd you are following us,

      • No, unfortunately we haven’t met. I saw your blog address on a warm showers forum, and have been following you ever since. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and your pictures! Thanks!

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