Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 65 Baker City to Paraire City 70 miles (July 13)


We enjoyed our day off in Baker City ,its a very nice place even with 4,000 Bikers in town , we managed to get our washing done,Gerry photographed several bikes and bikers and I had my hair cut.We left after an early breakfast and our route took us along the Oregon scenic highway.at 15 miles we entered the Wallowa Whitman National forest ,lots of fir trees and a winding road.We had three passes to climb the first was Sumster Pass at 5,082 ft this was after 21 miles,14 miles later it was Tiptom mountain pass at 5,124 ft and 15 miles later Dixie pass at 5,2777 ft, we coped with these 3 climbs pretty well,the day off must have been good for us,we even managed to eat some blueberry pie and ice cream at Austin junction just before Dixie pass.It was dowhill into Prarie City ,an old mining town with lots of character and a long front street.When we arrived a local cycling club were very interested in our adventure and were amazed that our bikes were so heavy,so we asked them to log onto our web site and guess the weight. We may be having a vew drinks with them this evening ,in the photo I took of them they held their bikes up to show how light they are.


3 thoughts on “Day 65 Baker City to Paraire City 70 miles (July 13)

  1. Another great day by the looks of it.Out with 14 of the ducklings yesterday all looking forward to your return. Our first new entrant training for the “drogheda 4 the elderly”charity cycle on the 7th of September.The more the merrier our aim is to have 100 ++ cyclists! all welcome next Saturday am at 10 o clock at Mary Street . Good luck with the rest of the trip.

  2. Have followed your journey since meeting you in Kentucky in mid-May. Amazed at the distance you have covered! Godspeed for the rest . . . Hope the Dawes have performed well, as I used to have one and have good memories. Lee

  3. Just back from a night out with Mathew, Paula , Paul and Lyndsey, we drank a toast to you both followed by meal, wine and cocktails. Needless to say we are all hung over. Love to you both and stay safe for rest of your journey. Time for our bed. Xxx

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