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Day 69 Prineville to Sisters 48 miles

We left Prineville and headed uphill but once at the top we were suprised buy the the sight of the Cascade snow covered mountains in the distance.As we progressed the three peaks locally named as Faith,Hope and Charity became clearer and more spectacular as we neared the town of Sisters,we will be climbing and crossing the Cascades tomorrow.I broke a spoke about 9 miles from Sisters but luckily there was a good bike shop that fixed it.Our warm shower hoasts Stephen and Karen gave us a great welcome with beer and lovely meal and great conversation.Stephen may even join us for tomorrows climb. Dont forget that if you have enjoyed our adventure please log onto dds4op.com and hit the donation button button,every little helps ,Thank you


Day 68 Mitchell to Prineville 49 miles

We were glad to leave the very old town of Mitchell,not a great place,especially with both eating places closed on Mondays,we were soon out into pine covered hills and some green meadows,there was one stunning rock formation we passed after a few miles.8 miles out we started the long climb up to Ochoco Pass at 4,720 ft not an easy climb as the temperature was very hot and some heavy traffic.We met Russell and Peggy on the way down from the Pass,they are from Kansas City and heading for LA.We passed by Ochoco resevoir on the way into Prineville where we are staying with lovely warm shower hosts Dennis and Kim,they have a small farm one mile from their house which we went to visit,they have also arranged for some of their friends round to meet us and play a bit of music.At this stage me need to get a manager !!!


Day 67 Dayville to Mitchell 39 miles

Yesterday Richard Rhodes an American camping near Dayville Church came to see us as he had heard that the "two guys"from Ireland were in town.We were persuaded to go to the camp site and sing a few songs for them.We left Dayville at 8 and were once again cycling through the green fertile strip between thd hills.After 5 miles we entered the 5 mile Picture Gorge a fantastic rock formation formed by volcanic action millions of years ago, a wonderfull piece of nature and a real pleasure to cycle through.Along the route we stopped and chat with local rancher Michael and his dog Chelsea and halfway up a small climb there was a tree covered with shoes of all descriptions.At 32 miles we reached the summit of Keyes Creek at 4,369 ft and then there was a great 7 mile descent into Mitchell a really small old town with very little restoration and both cafe’s closed on Mondays.


Day 66 Prairie City to Dayville 44 miles

Had a bit of a late start this morning as we only had 44 miles to Dayville and mostly downhill.I always thought that Oreron was a very lush green state but East Oregon is very desert like with a strip of green area about a mile wide supporting Ranches and farms overlooked on both sides by juniper covered hillsides.Our route took us through the John Day river valley.passing through John Day City beside the John Day river,passed the John Day memorial and onto John Day business centre and John Day school and of course the John Day vetenarian clinic.Apparently John Day was a adventurere and frontier man and a bit of a story teller,lots of stories were about him fighting bears and indians.So we arrived in the small town of Dayville where we are staying in the Presbyterian church which has been hoasting cyclists since the 1970′s.it has a shower,fully fitted kitchen wifi and places to sleep,a fantastic establishment.As a help with the "guess the weight "of my bike competition I have added a picture of my bike fully laden,remember that the 3 water bottles are all full.


Day 65 Baker City to Paraire City 70 miles (July 13)

We enjoyed our day off in Baker City ,its a very nice place even with 4,000 Bikers in town , we managed to get our washing done,Gerry photographed several bikes and bikers and I had my hair cut.We left after an early breakfast and our route took us along the Oregon scenic highway.at 15 miles we entered the Wallowa Whitman National forest ,lots of fir trees and a winding road.We had three passes to climb the first was Sumster Pass at 5,082 ft this was after 21 miles,14 miles later it was Tiptom mountain pass at 5,124 ft and 15 miles later Dixie pass at 5,2777 ft, we coped with these 3 climbs pretty well,the day off must have been good for us,we even managed to eat some blueberry pie and ice cream at Austin junction just before Dixie pass.It was dowhill into Prarie City ,an old mining town with lots of character and a long front street.When we arrived a local cycling club were very interested in our adventure and were amazed that our bikes were so heavy,so we asked them to log onto our web site and guess the weight. We may be having a vew drinks with them this evening ,in the photo I took of them they held their bikes up to show how light they are.