Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 42 Fairplay to Silverthorne 43 miles


When we arrived in Fairplay we asked a lady where we could find accomodation,she asked if we were from Ireland , we said yes, she said her mother was from county Meath and we were welcome to stay in her hotel The Valiton .She took us to the hotel and charged us very little.what a nice lady.Our day started with a 12 mile cyclists only paved road to Alma ,a fine old towm,the weather was sunny if a bit cold,from there it was to the bottom of Hoosier Pass and the 4 mile accent to the top ,the view from the top was spectacular,at 11,542 ft this is the highest point of our entire journey.Having spent 15 minutes ,taking photos,savouring the moment,feeling pretty good that we made it to the top we then decended thd next 7 miles very very quickly into Breckenbridge a large town set up for winter and outdoor activities with hundreds of bikes for rent.From there we took a marvelous 15 mile cyclists only paved road all the way to Silverthorne,the road took us through forests and along by the Dillon Resevoir,this was great cycling,along the way we stopped for a chat with local cyclist Dave who was very interested in out bikes ,maps and equipment. We have now crossed the Great Divide which means that rivers now flow to the Pacific Ocean. This has been a great day , we even avoided two thunder storms and the wind was kind.


8 thoughts on “Day 42 Fairplay to Silverthorne 43 miles

  1. Great progress lads……….imagery pure class……….enjoy

  2. Real good interview on LMFM. Great pics today. If you didn’t hear it live they played this song after it.

  3. Lmfm interview you both sounded great.

  4. Dave, great going can feel your excitement at reaching your highest point of the trip. great pictures and lovely to see you in them too. hope you can find some good spots to stay over the next couple of towns, remember to ring the guy in Rawlins. keep up the great blogs

  5. The scenery is just breath taking,sounds like it is having an uplifting effect on you both hope there are lots of good days ahead – congrats on Hossier Pass – your some boys !!

  6. No surprise there ,all Meath people are very nice as the people of Louth know.Great to see the progress.Seems you need to slow down and enjoy.Take care on the descents.

  7. Well done guys! It must have felt like a real victory to have reached and passed over the Continental Divide.

  8. Although I’m not sure of your exact route, it’s possible that you will criss-cross the Continental Divide multiple times; I did so in Montana. Btw, my son Keith spent most of one winter in Breckinridge a few years ago – great skiing!


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