Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 67 Dayville to Mitchell 39 miles


Yesterday Richard Rhodes an American camping near Dayville Church came to see us as he had heard that the "two guys"from Ireland were in town.We were persuaded to go to the camp site and sing a few songs for them.We left Dayville at 8 and were once again cycling through the green fertile strip between thd hills.After 5 miles we entered the 5 mile Picture Gorge a fantastic rock formation formed by volcanic action millions of years ago, a wonderfull piece of nature and a real pleasure to cycle through.Along the route we stopped and chat with local rancher Michael and his dog Chelsea and halfway up a small climb there was a tree covered with shoes of all descriptions.At 32 miles we reached the summit of Keyes Creek at 4,369 ft and then there was a great 7 mile descent into Mitchell a really small old town with very little restoration and both cafe’s closed on Mondays.


6 thoughts on “Day 67 Dayville to Mitchell 39 miles

  1. Your journeys end is soon……..the Drogheda Hobbits……Gerry and Dave have nearly achieved their goal……. coast to coast USA……..these have been wonderful days as we watched your progress, enjoyed sharing your experiences and wondered at the pure brilliance of it all.

    Dave and Gerry……..you are the news from home…..I hope, Enda, the Big Án T, with his mate Fergus O’D. have a splendid welcome home for both of you

    A wonderful journey for any of us and I feel privileged that you have shared this with me ……. I hope you both know how special this has been to even to me…….look forward to seeing you both soon


    PS Sorry to Ann…..will catch up week of 22nd July…………..grabbed the rays in Galway ….. a week early

  2. Almost there lads and I have finally figured this out.!!
    Amazing trip – daily blogs are fantastic. Hope you’re still doing Frosty’s excerises.

  3. What’s with the shaes on the tree ?

  4. Both cafes closed Mondays, what are they thinking! I mean the obvious thing would be for one of them to close Mondays and the other either Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Maybe Monday is a special day there? Or , perhaps it’s that everyone has a few beers on Sunday nights? Bet they agreed it between them, i.e. “listen, feck it, we’ll both close Mondays, that’ll show em, let them make their own coffee on Mondays and see what they think of that then”! What would Bernard do for his americano on a Monday there? All the same, I still think it would be better if one of them……………

  5. So, what did you lads eat in Mitchell?

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