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Day 70 Sisters to McKenzie Bridge 52 miles


Forgot to mention that yesterday morning in Prineville we did an interview for their local newspaper. Today was our last steep climb,up and over the Cascade mountains at McKenzie Pass,Steve our warm shower host came with us to make sure we did’nt get lost and to be our guide.The climb started through a forest ,weather was very hot ,after 12 miles we reached Windy point and our first view of the 50 square miles of lava that slid down the valley only 1,500 years ago.As we sat looking out at this moonscape another onlooker kindly gave each of us a large cold can of lemonade,you cannot imagine just how good that tasted.Another 3 miles and we reached the spectacular summit at McKenzies Pass via a corridor of black lava,yet another complete change of scenary ,weve had so many of these during our adventure.We bid farewell to Steve and made our way down through the forest ,the descent had lots of bends ,some very sharp but we finally arrived in McKenzie Bridge where our supposed warm shower host was not available,so the nice lady who runs the local motel gave us a very good room rate.We clocked up over 4,000 miles today,two more days and one map to go before we hopefully reach the Pacific coast.


7 thoughts on “Day 70 Sisters to McKenzie Bridge 52 miles

  1. Can you smell the salt air yet?

  2. Great going lads! Hard to believe you have nearly completed the trip. Stay safe.

  3. Wow, the McKenzie pass pictures look like the set of the Mad Max movie. Cannot believe you only have 2 more days of cycling, well done , you must be thrilled with the trip.

  4. Great going lads. See you next week

  5. That lava that slid down the valley only 1500 years ago? – I think I remember that, but I was just a lad at the time!

  6. How did you hook up with all of these great warm shower hosts?

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