Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 69 Prineville to Sisters 48 miles

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We left Prineville and headed uphill but once at the top we were suprised buy the the sight of the Cascade snow covered mountains in the distance.As we progressed the three peaks locally named as Faith,Hope and Charity became clearer and more spectacular as we neared the town of Sisters,we will be climbing and crossing the Cascades tomorrow.I broke a spoke about 9 miles from Sisters but luckily there was a good bike shop that fixed it.Our warm shower hoasts Stephen and Karen gave us a great welcome with beer and lovely meal and great conversation.Stephen may even join us for tomorrows climb. Dont forget that if you have enjoyed our adventure please log onto dds4op.com and hit the donation button button,every little helps ,Thank you


One thought on “Day 69 Prineville to Sisters 48 miles

  1. You’re doing great guys. Full force ahead for the finish. Not long now. We all can’t wait to see u when u get home Dave. Alice looking forward to seeing her grandad. You won’t believe the change in her! Take care and safe home x

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