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Day 72 Eugene to Florence (part 2 )88 miles


Our warm shower host Elly showed us to the 7 mile cycle path that took us out of Eugene and from then on we weaved our way through forests and passed lakes and crossed rivers on our way to Florence,there was still a nasty little 1,000 ft climb just as a final reminder of earlier days.We reached Florence expecting just to roll into town and straight onto the beach and the Pacific Ocean,but no the beach we were told was another 4 miles but even then there were huge sand dunes,so we took one photo and headed back to town where Gerrrys friend Trish had arrranged for a supprise celebration dinner for us at a really nice restaurant ,plus a lovely bottle of champagne,what a great way to finish our adventure,needless to say we both were feeling a bit hung over this morning as we did find a part of the coast where we did take some photos. Difficult to put into words how we feel now that we have completed the 4,152 miles in 72 days of cycling,we did burn off 270,200 calories each but I think it will only really sink in what we have achieved and all the super people we have met along the way when we get home and sit down and look at the hundreds of photos ,our blog,messages of support and Gerrys own diary,so for now thank you all for you help and encouragement and I do hope we have managed to raise some funds for DDS4OP


21 thoughts on “Day 72 Eugene to Florence (part 2 )88 miles

  1. From the time the four of us meet you at Abraham Lincoln’s parents’ historic marriage home in central Kentucky and gave you a granola bar and drink, we have delighted in following you. My husband and I were in the West earlier a few days behind your route which made it all the more interestIng. Congratulations on a successful ride. Remember us all fondly here in the US!

  2. What an achievement guys, well done, sure that you are not cycling back ?? Hope to meeting you soon to hear the story’s !!

  3. What tremendous feat. I often wished I was with you. Maybe I’ll follow your path sometime, but using something powered by fossil fuel. PS: ‘Looks like my previous “congrats” post didn’t show up.

  4. Dave/Gerry,
    many congrats on achieving your ‘holy grail’. What an adventure – the daily updates have been fantastic. Take a bow as you’re too far away to clap your back. Safe trip home and may your wheels be forever spoken for!


  5. is there another epic in the planning.ust hook up one day love to hear all about it.safe journey home.

  6. Enjoyed checking in on yizzer trip lads, Ironballs Mc Ginty wouldn’t have a look in with the likes of yiz. If there’s any truth in Flan O Brien’s molecular theory, ye’er both part bicycle now. Congratulations, comhghairdeas.

  7. A big WELL DONE to you both. Enjoy the rest today, can’t wait to see you on the Saturday spins – sure that’ll be nothing to ye now, you’ll have to get up early and get 100 miles in before you meet us.

  8. Well done incrdebile trip i enjoyed the blog every day there were times i thought i was with ye.

  9. Congratulations Lads a fantastic achievement. Enjoyed following your blog and all the great pics. Enjoy your well earned rest and safe home.

  10. An incredible achievement and a well deserved hangover. IRONBUTT awards to you both.

  11. Well done lads! Tremendous achievement. The blogs and photos have been fantastic. Some well deserved R&R now.

  12. Well done men, loved reading the blog and hope you will follow up with an advice book for people ( like me) hoping to do the same!

  13. Well done to both of you. Magnificant achievement!

  14. Great achievement lads .I’m going to miss the blog .Your trip and the blog have greatly added to our summer.It was almost a daily routine checking it out.See you soon

  15. Congratulations, fellas!!! I’m going to miss reading your blog posts and seeing all the great pictures. So where are you riding next? 🙂 God bless you both.

  16. Truly amazing and inspiring guys, it has been a tremendous trip to follow and look forward to the full tale that is to come. heroes both of you 🙂

  17. At last new shirts!!!!

  18. You the Men!

  19. Woohoo well done guys. Great achievement fair play. See u soon

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