Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 55 Dillon to Wisdom 67 miles


Very tough day ,two big climbs ,Badger Pass followed by Big Hold Pass,normally these kind of climbs would have been reasonable but with temperatures hitting 100 before 11 in the morning made it very difficult.The terrain was still very green and fertile,we saw lots of cows and large ranches but the higher we went the more desert like it became with no shade at all.In Jackson we met Morgan and Rick who were going to the Rainbow festival in their bus,not really hippies just dislike the 4th of July celebrations.Rick is an actor and has a small part in the new Lone Ranger movie.There were millions of mlsquitos waiting to welcome us when we arrived in Wisdom,luckily we were fully protected with our insect spray and sun cream,to slippery for the buggers to land.We just met David again, last time we saw him was in Canyon City,its his birthday today so were off to celebrate, lots of Trans amers in the motel.driven in by the mossies,no body camping .


7 thoughts on “Day 55 Dillon to Wisdom 67 miles

  1. Just catching up with your travels after a week away. Pretty spectacular scenery. Don’t envy you that 100 degree heat!!

  2. Fair play to you Gerry and Dave really enjoying following the travels and love the little videos. Gerry if you get tired of singing you can always take up commentary or go to work for David Attenborogh!! Great stuff keep it coming!!
    x Eimear x

  3. Hi Dave and Gerry ,ye are doing great hope ye have a good 4th of July ,hope ye have the day off Jackie and few of us are doing ring of merry this weekend,weather looks to be good .Take care

  4. Sorry ment to say “mossies”

  5. Looks great.Savour the moments mosses and all!

  6. Early best wishes for Independence Day on the 4th. I hope you will be able to celebrate in a slightly larger “metropolis” than Wisdom!

    What wonderful coverage you are making on the map. Keep in mind there is now a 75 miles per hour daytime speed limit on main roads in Montana! So you may need to slow down a little bit in spite of the hippies or mosquitos!

  7. With the temps hitting 100 degrees plus, it will not take long for the green and fertile look of the land to change to brown and dried up.

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