Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 61 Grangeville to Riggins 45 miles


When we woke this morning it was dull ,overcast and had been raining,just the weather we were looking for,just like home.Eager to enjoy the conditions we climbed up to the top of White bird hill and enjoyed the 6 mile 7% downhill through a lunar type of landscape.lots of logging trucks on the road,the smell of cedarwood when they passed us.We were soon in the spectacular Samon river Canyon,with a rock wall on our left and the river on our right.we were caught between a rock and a wet place !!!.As the morning went on the temperature once again rose to over 85 and suddenly we came across a fruit oasis in the middle of nowhere,Fiddle Creek Fruit.Lots of fresh local fruit,we both had a slice of huckleberry pie and ice cream and bought some apricots and peaches,a friendly butterfly landed on my hand,(see photo).We arrived into Riggins through this lovely Canyon and we will be teaming up again with the Salmon river tomorrow.As we crossed the Salmon river into town we entered another time zone.


3 thoughts on “Day 61 Grangeville to Riggins 45 miles

  1. Clothes are dry at last! No chance of the russia-China trip plans are well advanced for the “Manali to Leh” trip……the only “great devide ..” Worthy of there efforts!!

  2. Dave & Gerry, the further you go, the easier and more enjoyable it seems it’s getting. You’re to be congratulated on your achievements so far, so keep up the good work.

    There’s a nasty rumour round Drogheda that you’re considering flying onward to China, and coming home via that well known cycling route across China, via Beijing, through Russia, Ukraine, Central Europe, into Holland, over to the UK, then the penultimate hop from Holyhead to Dublin, and then the final spin from Dublin to Drogheda.

    But it’s only a rumour!

    Best wishes. Pat & Eileen, Mornington.

  3. your descriptions never fail to be poetic Dave and your sense of humour didn’t get lost in that “rock and a wet place”. love reading the blog every day.

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