Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 64 Halfway to Baker City 52 miles


Tough day today, we left Halfway at 7-30 and began the 5 mile climb to a pass at 3,653 ft after that it was onto the small town of Richland where we met fellow Trans amers Rick and Cissy who were on a tandem.From there we went down and travelled along another part of Hells Canyon,into a head wind and not a very inspiring part of our ride.We finally came out of the Canyon and into a 4 mile climb up to Flagstaff Hill at only 3,684 ft.By this time the the temperature was over 90 and sapping our strength so we wearily arrived at Baker City which is hosting a motor cycle weekend.We will be having a rest day tomorrow and be ready for our next three peak passes which lay in wait for us.


8 thoughts on “Day 64 Halfway to Baker City 52 miles

  1. Well done lads your keeping to the plan. If it wasn’t so hot here at the moment I’d nearly feel sorry for you. Won’t be long now and you’ll have something to remember for the rest of your lives. See you soon and keep peddling. Enjoy the rest day and watch out for them big hairy bikers.

  2. Looks great lads. Nearing your detination now. See you soon

  3. sounds like a tough day alright, have a lovely day off and have some motorbike fun 🙂

  4. Hells Canyon, wow sounds scary! As ever the blog and pics are great – whatever will we all do for entertainment when you’re back in Ireland. The country had gone mad in your absence – the heatwave continues, people are drowning every day, Dail sessions going on until 5am, TDs getting frisky on camera in the early hours of the morning and Dublin city sounded like a Man Utd V Liverpool match all week with pro-life and pro-choice groups camping outside the Dail and trying to out-shout each other.

  5. Well done lads. Tough going but sounds amazing. You are on the home straight!

  6. Have been following you progress. Blogs & Pics are brilliant.Great achievement. Well done. NOEL& PHIL

  7. Enjoy the day off .Its back to work each day for the rest of us

  8. As long as it’s a motorcycle weekend, you should both get a few tattoos!

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