Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 45 Walden to Riverside 49 miles

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We left Walden with no wind but with a few miles the wind was firstly with us then within seconds it changed direction and was buffeting us from the side.After 21 miles we arrived in Wyoming ,the road number changed from the 125 to the 230 and there was a larger shoulder for us to cycle on.We met two very nice couples who stopped to take some photos ,and a father and son who were cycling from West to East .The wind continued to hamper our progress into Riverside ,along the way we passed several large ranches and saw some deer running across the plains.We eventually arrived in Riverside ,our stop for today,but what will the wind be doing tomorrow ? Windy Wyoming awaits.


One thought on “Day 45 Walden to Riverside 49 miles

  1. Think those horses look a lot more friendly than your description of those Kentucky dogs you encountered. Have you thought about what song and dance routine you plan to do with the bears as you head further north?

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