Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 40 Canon City to Guffey 34 Miles


We left Canon City along along route 50, luckily the other 2,000 cyclists were heading East.The main street in Canon City is 4 miles long and includes a prison.When we reached Royal Gorge area we decided to take a spin in a helicopter, we were lucky that it was early in the moring as flights over the Gorge were a no fly zone after 9-30 .The ride took us over the forests that had been destroyed by the fire and over the Royal Gorge bridge which was not destroyed but all the buildings round it had been (see pics) we have a video of our flight.After that it was right on route 9 and a long climb into the Rockies where we reached 8,500 ft ,the weather was guite hot but a breeze helped keep us cool.Just before our final destination of Guffey we stopped to chat with Linda and Marc who had a fruit and veg stall on the roadside,after a drink and an orange we finally arrived in Guffey where we ate a buffalo and an elk burger before finding our landlord Bill .Not exactly sure what Bill does but he sure has some usual items for sale.The cabin we are staying in is an original settlers cabin, with no electricity,no water and an outside toilet all for $10 each.


4 thoughts on “Day 40 Canon City to Guffey 34 Miles

  1. Please don’t bring any of that junk home.

  2. Great trip.looks like the best is yet to come.

  3. A big change from Cycling to helicopter must have been good, the photos are great. Guffey certainly is a quirky place with interesting people i bet. enjoying the blog and loving all the pic today most ever! Stephanie is right could do with a few more of you included, get Gerry to use the camera sometimes he is doing great video . take care.

  4. Wedding great c my email I sent to u at 3pm. Hoped u are ok after staying with bill and friend last night bit worried. Perhaps for another $10 you could have a few luxuries. Off to BBQ today. Can we have a few more pics of u. Love the view of Rockies looking forward to many spectacular ones. And enjoyed videos nice to hear your voices.

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