Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 37 Eads to Ordway 62 miles


On our way by 3-15 am , very little traffic,still quite windy but most importantly it was coolish ,sun came up at 5-30 on a very baron landscape,very sandy.We made our way up to Haswell at 4,500 ft and from there the next 10 miles was absolutely flat ,dropping slightly to 4,300 ft at the lovely named of town of Sugar City where we bumped into 4 other Trans Amers who we last saw in Newton,they camped last night and had to kill a rattlesnake that was looking for cyclists.We arrived at Ordway at 10 am and will rest here and start again early tomorrow to avoid the 100 deg heat. The Garmin computer on my bike is telling me that I have used 156,969 calories since we started ,thats equivalent to 640 Mars or Snicker bars !!!!


16 thoughts on “Day 37 Eads to Ordway 62 miles

  1. Hellooooo Gerry n Dave ,, Lds in Ye Olde Market bar Miss u and enjoyed the Radio Imterview
    Bye for now x

  2. Dave

    It looks like you’re headed straight for the forest fires. Does the TransAm route allow for detours in that event?


  3. Mr Mulroy you are taking cycling fashion to new heights – Im sure everyone will want massive red braces now !!!!!!!

  4. Hey Dave,
    leaving for London tonight, will keep track of you guys on my mobile-good luck, what a story, rattlesnakes and all!

  5. Good blog today with lots of information. Wondering have you sold the rights to “Dave & Gerry’s Trans-Am Charity Cycle” “The Movie”

    John Cleese and Chuck Norris…watch this space.

  6. Great photos Dave, i turned the “grandpa” one, and made you into an “upright Gentleman” as David Gordon said. hope you are looking at the comments on the Face book when you get a chance. lots of good wishes there for you two.

  7. Difficult to say,lsrge forest fires iin the area.will contact you nearer the week end

  8. And the elevation pride showing begins! Every town in Colorado will now have their elevation listed on their city limits sign.

  9. nice photos – two lovely long shadows cast on a long lonely colorado road…you guys must be eating like royalty to build up the reserves for all those calories your burning.

  10. Snakes ! Enjoy the camping lads. I’m happier in the land of st Patrick. You keep going. You’re doing great.

  11. That was a very early start lads. Very impressed with your progress so far and the information you are giving us about your trip. It gives us an insight into parts of America we have never seen before and your photographs really bring your trip to life. You have a great colour and your really looking good.
    As Willie would say,keep spinning.

  12. Gerry are they new braces you bought or are they part of the new teeshirt. You look like you are in disguise. At 3 o’clock in the morning you don’t know who you are going to bump into. I did notice you were wearing a new teeshirt yesterday. I did like the teeshirt you bought Dave in Walmart with Grandpa on the front. Alice will love that. Good old Walmart, can’t beat it.

  13. Lads…great progress….at the start 46 miles per days were needed to meet target……how you have exceeded that….well done but the early starts!!!

    News from home section——weather turned..loads of the wet stuff…rain not Guinness……..poor Frank G had the property tax paid for and has resigned his position on DBC……Enda, the big An T, got a big applause in the Dail today……more of that later……..Clogherhead is still as it used to be….

  14. Leave those rattle snakes alone I think I might act for one them! Looking great what time do we snipe you on Sunday.

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