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Day 36 Leoti to Eads 70 miles


Another boring ride along the 96,all we seem to do is see a grain store on the horzon and some 8 miles later reach the grain store,and look at the next one,the terrain is yellow,not a tree to be seen and no shade,its not a very inspiring place west Kanses.Two noticable events , firstly we are now over 2,000 miles into our journey and we have entered Colorado.we have also lost an hour on the people back home, so we are now 7 hours behind.We have arrived at the small town of Eads where the current temperature is 105 F and that terrible wind is still blowing.


15 thoughts on “Day 36 Leoti to Eads 70 miles

  1. Watch out for the moonlight on the river and send us a picture! Keep it wheelin your doing a fantastic job.

  2. Well done lads

  3. That’s great news, another state bites the dust! Keep going, you’re doing brilliantly.
    Raining all day today here.
    We are off on our summer holidays tomorrow so next time you hear from us it’ll be from Sardinia.
    Great news too about Stephanie being able to drive again.
    All the best.
    Jackie and Fenton

  4. hip hip hooray after 9 weeks I can drive again. Just thought you would like to know.

  5. Wow Colorado you are both fab, when you look at the map and the ground covered so far it is quite amazing so congrats, I would like to give you amazing news from home but there is nothing exciting happening, apart from our summer rain showers the summer is moving along nicely and as far as I know everyone you know is doing good – stay safe – lash on the sunscreen xx

  6. Well lads, you are now around 4000ft above sea level and heading for Colorado Springs @ 6000ft. so only 2000 ft. to climb and then you will be at nearly twice the height of Carrantuohill. I’m seriously impressed. Take a day out in Colorado Springs, cycle around the Garden of the Gods and then take a leisurely spin up Pikes Peak.(Only 14100ft)

  7. Brilliant achievement. So many people following you. Even my Physio wants an update. Keep believing and stay safe, plenty of water and factor 50. Love to u both xx

  8. Well done you two, going great and now on to the Rockies! you’ll be singing “rocky Mountain High” before long. keep on keeping on.

  9. Dave & Gerry – just caught up on all your blogs which are brilliant. Keep it lit.
    Noel & Phil

  10. Well done on making it to Colorado, its a great achievement and experience. love the photos. hope you’re not tempted to jump onboard with the 80,000 cattle-you’d never know where you’d end up. 🙂 Safe travelling onwards.

  11. Now that you are in Colorado, things will be looking up! Like really UP!

  12. Well done on your 2000 miles. We r keeping track of your progress every day. We love seeing the pictures every day . Only 2000 miles to go. Stay safe and have plenty of rest days.

  13. Lovin’ the blogs. Well done guys, super experience! Hopefully your surroundings will become more interesting as you eat on past 2000 miles – wow!

  14. The only colourful things in that pic. are your socks and hat! Keep it going; I am enjoying the blogs; read them most days, or catch up after a few days.

  15. Fantastic lads, really brilliant! Plenty of mountains coming at you from now west, you won’t be bored!

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