Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 35 Ness City to Leoti 70 miles


Early start along the 96 very hot and windy, a really tiring and boring road,climbing all the time,by the time we reached our warm shower host Sarah the temperature was over 100 F .Sarah and Jason only got married last Saturday ,they have a trucking business and took us for a spin in their tractor unit,and we sang a few songs. The forecast for the rest of the week in even hotter so we plan to start very very early in the mornings and finish by 12, well thats the plan.


3 thoughts on “Day 35 Ness City to Leoti 70 miles

  1. more great pictures! the consistent heat must be a challenge and a novelty! yesterday we had rain, today sunshine and tomorrow-who knows! well done to you both.

  2. Really missed your blog this morning but here it is .Hope you managed to get an early start this morning before too hot. The usual has happened here after nearly 2 weeks of fab weather the rain has arrived again looks like for rest of week. Are you in Colorado yet, you must be nearly half way. Lets see the pic when you do.

  3. Great progress in the conditions

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