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Day 33 Sterling to Great Bend 41 miles


We were having a chat with two paramedics at breakfast this morning and unbeknown to us they payed for our breakfast ,if you are reading this Caren thank you so much. We flew the first 10 miles into Lyons with the huge wind behind us,but as we turned west the wind became a cross wind which made it very difficult to make any quick progress.We were again up at 1800 ft all day and in "wheat and oil"country, with huge grain stores and hundreds of small OIl pumps ,pumping oil and water into storage tanks,you could smell the oil as we approached these tanks.The main town on the way was Ellinwood totally dedicated to the oil and grain business and with a great choice in churches. Our stop tonight is in Great Bend, hopefully the wind tommor will be more kind.


6 thoughts on “Day 33 Sterling to Great Bend 41 miles

  1. Thats a lot of wagon wgaons

  2. Them paramedics obviously felt you needed a good feed before you went any further. I’m following your route on my Wal-mart road atlas, very primitive but effective. Nadal won the French open, just incase your interested. Delighted to see that you are still on track and hope that the wind will always be at your back.

  3. I should have said that it has now been decided that the annual fundraising cycle for Dave and Gerry ‘s charity “drogheda and district support 4 the elderly will be held on Saturday the 7th of September.It will comprise of a 160km (100 miles) drogheda to Mullingar. We need to see as many cyclist as possible on their bikes for that event.The charity needs your support.

  4. Well done lads.spoke to the travelling wheelberrys this am we will phone you on Skype next Sunday 2pm our time.We can liaise in the meantime.Keep it your doing really well.

  5. I was away last week and have just caught up on your blog. Fantastic. Keep it going lads. I’m learning so much about America !

  6. Keith and I had an enjoyable visit with you two as well. We are hopeful you made it to Great Bend before the storms hit this area. Safe travels. we look forward to watching your progress.

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