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Day off yesterday june 6 th


Our day off started with the Newton emergency services inviting us up for a view from their platform hoist,a great view ,we were up 110 ft and swiverling around.I then started to clean my bike when i noticed that the back wheel looked a bit off centre , managed to contact the one bike repair man in the town, John Hobbs was his name and he told me that there were cracks appearing on the wheel and they could not be fixed,so after several phone calls John located a new wheel at Hutchinson 30 miles away , he very kindly took me there and back ,so i now have a new wheel .We had dinner in Reba’s resteraunt near the fire station,great craic with her and her staff ,lovely people and great food.


5 thoughts on “Day off yesterday june 6 th

  1. hi Dave and Gerry, it’s Paivi calling…
    It has been great fun (and very informative also) to read your blog. I am quite a while behind you, right now I’m in Chester, Illinois, and having a day off. Everything has gone just fine, it seems that cycling feels better and better every day. Well, maybe it’s becouse I’m fitter and fitter after every kilometer.
    It seems that I have stayed overnight pretty much at the same places than you, it has been fun to see your names and comments at the questbooks…
    All the best to you both!

  2. Tough look with the wheel.You seem to be having terrible look with that bike,but great look with the good people of America.the view from the hoist suggests you have some flat terrain ahead which is more than can be said for dave’s ducklings who have been foolish enough to ask me to lead tomorrow…”onwards and upwards”

  3. Hi Guys, enjoying all the photos and blogs. you are doing great! Hi to Dorothy!
    lovely weather here at the moment-what is rare is wonderful!

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