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Day 29 Everton to Girard 88 miles


We left Bill early in the morning and the first 15 miles was still a bit lumpy,but then it really did get flat.We stopped at the legendary Cookys Cafe in Golden City for some legendary blueberry pie and ice cream and signed the bikers visitors book.Then we took off at high speed along the long straight roads only to be stopped by a"road flooded" sign ,no problem as we rode through getting our legs ,bikes and panniers wet.We eventually crossed into Kansas ,the first town Pittsburg looked very old and full of pawn shops so we carried on to Girard where we are staying tonight.

If you are reading this blog then please leave us a messsge,we love hearing from you


19 thoughts on “Day 29 Everton to Girard 88 miles

  1. Fantastic progress lads, keep going though the ‘Wicked Witch of the East’ is behind ye!

  2. Hi Gerry, Catherine and I just finished updating ourselves on your cycling adventures, from what we’ve read so far it appears as if peter’s street or constitution hill would be a doddle for you both, especially with the wind and rain meeting you head on!
    Lot’s of very nice folks helping to make the trip a memorable one. Keep sucking diesel!!!

  3. Ii am watching you everyday great stuff would love to be there well done.

  4. Great cycling Dave and Jerry. Looks like ye are on flatter terrain now which you must welcome very much. Safe cycling every day and well done.

  5. Really enjoying following the blog guys….. Gerry I hope you don’t have to sleep on any more benches!! And stay ahead o those snapping turtles. Pics and accounts are amazing. Well done to you both. x Eimear x

  6. Hi lads well done on all your travels. Am enjoying the blog and all the photos feel like I am travelling vicariously on the back roads of America

  7. Well done Lads – bumped into a couple of Drogheda Wheelers over the week-end on the tour of Louth – they dragged me along for a few k’s over the Cooley Hills before leaving me for dead!
    Keep up the good work – enjoying the daily blog.
    John Doherty

  8. It just occurred to me to ask how is the fund raising going!

  9. Snapping dogs then snapping turtles! It’s getting dangerous. Came across this lads and thought it may be a usefull addition as the heat rises. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/world-s-first-spray-device-for-cyclists

  10. Blueberry pie and icecream… I glad for such good news! Congratulations on your 88 miles and happy journey in Kansas!
    I love reading this blog, it makes me feel like travelling. You will have very much to tell forever.
    Keep enjoying

  11. Looks like you are making great progress now. Hows the guitar playing going ? Doesnt look like your playing as much as you did at the start. Would be great to see some more video footage of your journey.

  12. Dave that home cooked meal must have been powerful! 88 miles great work watch out for tornadoes, tin men and scarecrows now you are in Kansas, and remember “there’s no place like home”.
    keep up the great photos.

  13. Hey guys
    Been following your daily blog with amazement. Didn’t think an old fart like Gerry would manage any of this!! Joking!!
    Seriously, I’m so impressed by the whole thing, and what a way to see the country. I’m sure it’s extremely gruelling at times, but at the end of each day, you must look back and think .. “Yeah”!!! 🙂
    Continued success, and points await in the Market Bar
    very best wishes .. Marty

  14. Congrats on reaching Kansas. You are both doing great. Hope the ride is a bit easier for you. Lovely weather here everyone enjoying the sunshine.

  15. Well done great milage.which war was the memorial to?

  16. congratulations on reaching kansas guys. alot of miles on the clock today to get to girard. I love reading the blog every morning checking in and seeing how yous are getting on, its part of the routine now :-). we get many a good laugh reading about the adventures and will be sure to say hi more frequently now. good luck with today’s cycling. adrian king.

  17. How close will you be to Wichita? I have a niece there who’d probably give you some hospitality. Let me know if it suits you.

  18. Kudos on your progress! I met and chatted with you briefly on May 19 at the Deer View Market near McKee, Kentucky … I’m sure you don’t remember, but I was on a BMW motorcycle. I think you may have got rained on some during that day.

    Will continue to follow you with interest and best wishes.


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