Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 28 Marshfield to Everton 61 miles


Weather was very over cast today,ideal for cycling.Our route took us through cattle farms and again there was a lovely smell of honeysuckle which grows wild everywhere.The terrain was once again very up and down with some really steep climbs,the photo of Gerry half way up the hill was typical of the 61 miles.We met a lovely couple from Switzerland who were going from LA to NY and another 3 cyclists going our way.At the town of Walnut Grove we had a chat with the local policemen ,who seemed glad that we stopped to talk to him.We are now in Everton who according to a local lady in the local store had just lost their manager.We bought some pasta ,beans and Ragu and headed for the Running Spring Farm a hunting lodge for hunters and cyclists ,fantastic establishmet with beds,showers,tv.wifi and a kitchen ,run by a really nice gent called Bill Cork,so its home cooking for us tonight and hopefully we will be in Kansas tomorrow where it is supposed to be beautiful and flat.


6 thoughts on “Day 28 Marshfield to Everton 61 miles

  1. Looks like the yanks have had a leg wax – pass no remarks Gerry nothing wrong with hairy legs haha

  2. What adventures you’re having lads, keep it going. When you get to Kansas, watch out for storms that blow the roof off – then you’ll only end up on a yellow brick road heading for Oz

  3. Glad your out of the flood zone. Fergus said that all policemen are very friendly !
    Next time Gerry is having his photo taken tell him to cover his legs, they are very white looking compared to the three yanks.
    Sandra and myself completed the tour of Louth in 4hrs 10mins. We were so happy when we reached the 100km mark, thats our first 100km!
    Keep pedaling.

    P.S. The sun is shining today!

  4. I see willy’s recipe came in handy

  5. Well done great cycling after a tough night.The Everton manager joined that struggling side in Manchester…..very charitable really.Keep it up the tour of Louth was great.we finished the 105km in 3.47.

  6. I’m happy the weather turned good, keep enjoying! 🙂

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