Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 27 Hartville to Marshfield 29 miles


As i said yesterday all talk was of the incoming storms so we camped under a shelter in the public park,Gerry would sleep on the floor as his tent was not self standing and I would pitch my tent in one corner.The weather looked fine a we settled in then suddenly at about 10 the wind suddenly roared ,my tent nearly took off,Gerry was blown against the wall and with the loudest thunder bank we have ever heard the sky lit up and it poured and poured ,neither of us had heard or seen anything like it in our lives.Gerry got himself up on one of the picnic table and acted as if he was about to be mumified,I held my tent down as best I could.One clap of thunder was so loud that it took out of the lights in the town and nearly deafened us., the lightning made the area look like daytime ,such was the intensity .This continued off and on for six hours until it finally stopped, much to our relief.This had been a very scary experiance .We just cycled 29 miles to Marshfield today,Missouri has 55,000 miles of rivers ,all the ones on route were very full because of last nights storms We have just booked into a hotel ,had showers and are doing all our washing .Weather should be ok for tomorrow


8 thoughts on “Day 27 Hartville to Marshfield 29 miles

  1. That takes the adventure to a whole new level, hope the weather improves – Stay Safe

  2. Hi lads,seems to me if there is a lot of talk about storms that is the time to get the credit card out and head for the nearest hotel.we are just off to do the tour of Louth,no tornados one warm showers ,no logging trucks,just the “long woman’s grave”,keep trucking ,woops sorry cycling.

    • Bernard, just to update you there were no hotels/motels/bb for miles. Not even the local police would give them shelter. They had no choice at the time. Thank god they are alive and well. Skyped them both last night. Their motel room looked like a laundry room drying out all their tents and clothes. Oh well it all adds to the story.

  3. It must have been really frightening… I’m glad you two had no serious damage. I wish you a much better weather from now on. Take care!

  4. Talk about wind (and rain) on your backs! Glad to have a little luxury tonight for a change.

  5. Welcome to Post Global Climate Change “Tornado Alley”! It is not nice to try to fool Mother Nature…glad that you lads were OK!

  6. Scary stuff lads……glad you’re both okay……….just goes to show how quickly life can jump up and bite you

    Stay safe and well

    Update from home…..weather still wet…….Enda still the big An T………Shatter survives…………banks still in control…..nothing changes

    Keep well

  7. It must have been very frightening … I’m glad nothing bad happened to you two! I wish you a much better weather from now on. Take care, Maristella

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