Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Cycling Day 24 (May 29) Farmington to Ellington 61 Miles


Having rested in Als place we headed out of Farmington .The first 17 miles took us on a very busy road with no hard shoulder and a lot of logging trucks,we reached the town of Pilot Knob ,for some unknown reason the name made us laugh.Then we entered the foot hills of the Okarz mountains ,the smell of freshly cut wood was in the air and there were more heavy logging trucks. Within a few miles we were in the mountains and the roads again became like a roller coaster,but longer and steeper than on Monday.We met a retired gentleman from Liverpool called Maurice Reid going from San Francisco to New York , he had been cycling in Ireland a couple of years ago and remembered Drogheda as the place with the head in the church and where his pump and water bottles were stolen !!!. We had lunch in Centerville a small town that looked very very old and finished todays climbing in Ellington where we are being looked after by our warm shower hosts Wayne and Betsy.We have heard that the first 35 miles tomorrow will be very tough but then it flattens out,lets hope so


7 thoughts on “Cycling Day 24 (May 29) Farmington to Ellington 61 Miles

  1. Gerry, you look so pleased to be standing under a sign that says ‘ knob’ – why is this so?????

  2. Super progress lads. Keep the photos coming

  3. The hills in the Naul (that’s just Naul to Bernard) don’t seem so bad looking at those photos

  4. Hello there, well done on your trek so far. You are doing Drogheda proud! Can’t wait to read what you think of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho! Looks like you will be going through Bozeman, Montana, am I right? That is my hometown and my parents still live there – do you need a place to stay the night? Send me an email if you are interested (frankandmaryann@gmail.com). Take care! Maryann Kelly (daughter-in-law of Anthony Kelly)

  5. Well done Dave and Gerry. Delighted it is going so well

  6. Ha ha you have reached Pilot Knob great photo for the memory bank -safe cycling lads

  7. Great progress.i hope you are enjoying the trip as much as all at home are enjoying reading and talktalking about it

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