Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 23 Chester to Farmington 48 miles


Chester where we stayed last night was full of statues of Popeye and all his friends,apparently the inventor of Popeye was born there.Anyway we left Chester and within 2 miles we were across the Mississippi bridge and into Missouri.The first 15 miles was in the flat Mississippi Basin but the head wind was so strong that it seemed like we were going up hill.Eventually we did climb out of the Basin up to the Ozarks ,miles after miles of roller coaster roads,real energy sapping stuff,when were so glad when we finally made it to Farmington and we are staying in Al’s Place a super Hostel just for cyclists run by the local police .A great facility. As the gears and crank on my bike are playing up and there are head winds forecast of over 20 mph we have decided to have a rest day and get my bike fixed and our legs rested.

Short video with some bad language!


4 thoughts on “Day 23 Chester to Farmington 48 miles

  1. That would be great,but would have to be early as we intend to make an early start on Wednesday morning.We have a us phone 8044052713. Many thanks

  2. Bet those 3 youngsters are glad you are having a rest day so they can get a bit ahead of the oldies 🙂 Wow you are doing so well, and keeping us up to date with blog and great photos despite technical problems.problems keep it up !

  3. It looks like your keeping up with those three young fellows!

  4. It was a treat to meet the two of you today! With you taking a day off, I will try to get in touch with you some time tomorrow. Would love to treat you to a meal or a beer before you are off again. Cheers!

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