Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 20 Utica to Marion 71 miles


Elvis picked us up from fire station yesterday evening and we went for a chinese meal,Elvis is in a bluegrass band where he plays the double bass and sings,so we had plenty of "music" talk,very enjoyable evening.

The first 50 miles to Dixon was the flatest 50 miles of our trip so far.again we passed large farms that all looked very well maintained ,the sun was shining and there were butterflies flittering in the warm breeze,great cycling.We have also noticed that for the past three days people driving cars and trucks have started to wave to us ,this may be because news of our blog has spread across West Kentucky but more likely they know where we are heading for and wishing us luck.Today we passed the 1,000 miles mark,only 3,400 to go !!!!


9 thoughts on “Day 20 Utica to Marion 71 miles

  1. well done guys!

  2. I believe there’s a very large maximum-security federal prison in Marion – hope you got a chance to see it.


  3. Great going lads and good to see the weather looks much better than when you started.

  4. Looks more like blarney Connor.

  5. Hi Dave and Gerry, great about the 1,000 mile marker and that you are heading into another US State, must really feel like progress. We had a great spin today, you won’t believe it but in sunshine! We had a big crowd again, we did just over 70K, the shorts were worn for the first time this year – everyone enjoyed the spin and the good weather, all asking for you both. Jackie C

  6. you are doing great with good blogs great photos and 1,000 mile cycling. keep up the good work

  7. If you think that Western Kentucky is flat with long straight roads, wait until you get to Kansas.

  8. That’s fantastic lads, great stuff!

  9. Fantastic blog lads and a great achievement to hit the 1,000 mile marker, ye have the back broke of her now!

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