Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 19 Rough River Dam to Utica 46 miles


Lot shorter distance today,weather a bit dull but good for cycling. Met the 3 lads from London again,they are on the same route as us but trying to do the trip in 50 days,its great to be young !!.Long roads that are like riding a roller coaster,up and down and round.FInally arrived in Utica where we are staying the night in the local fire station which can be only be used by cyclists,its a great resource and the use of fire stations along the Trans am is very common.this one has a shower ,washing machine,kitchen and most importantly mattresses .A warm shower host called Elvis is meeting us later for dinner, wonder if hes ever killed a rabbit ?


8 thoughts on “Day 19 Rough River Dam to Utica 46 miles

  1. Hi Gerry ,Dave ye are doing great ,great to be able to follow all the travel Heading into Drogheda shortly to meet up with Jackie and gang for cycle Anne

  2. Did you notice, Dave? You and Gerry are now getting credit for the posting!!!! BTW – ignore the wee boys – you MEN are doing really well šŸ™‚

  3. Lads great to see the progress to date…….seems you doing really well. Mr T….. Ann in office yesterday ……..plans are going well but hope to get finished before your return…..

  4. Well done.Are you guys still in Kentucky

  5. The youthful exuberance of the 3 lads from London who are trying to do the same route as you guys in only 50 days reminds me of an old joke…

    Seems as there was this young Irish bull and an old English bull grazing on top of the hill when the young bull spied several cows in the glade of the valley below. The young Irish bull quipped, “Hey, lets run down there and breed one of those heifers!” The old English bull looked down at the heifers and replied, “Let’s walk down there are breed them all!”

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