Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 16 Berea to Harrodsburg 49 miles


Started the day heading past green fields full of cattle and big ranches, honeysuckle growing wild every where along the route.The last 3 days we have passed hundreds of churches but now they appear to be more frequent and getting bigger.At a village called Paint Lick we spotted a very old Irish and Welsh flag in a shop window with a live cat.the shop was open but no one was there ,bit strange !!.We stopped at Lancaster veterans memorial park where there was a bit of a farmers fete going on and took a good look at an old tank that was on display.Temperature was 80F today very hot.Update on yesterdays meeting with the 4 wheat sisters apparently there were originally 5 but one was murdered several years ago by a cereal killer.

Irish & Welsh flag plus cat at Paint Lick

Hosts Andy & Page with 2 of their 7 dogs


Tank at Farmers’ Market

Churches are everywhere and getting bigger


7 thoughts on “Day 16 Berea to Harrodsburg 49 miles

  1. Does that mean she’s ‘brown bread’ then?

  2. I’m not entirely convinced that this talk of a cereal killer is in good taste,bit of a “blight” on the blog really

  3. Oh…if you think that 80F with 90% humidity is hot you need to hurry to Oregon. Stay cool and know that it will get drier as you get to the west. Keep blotting…we are following you (in spirit).

  4. Glad to see the hard cycling and hot weather hasn’t dampened you sense of humor 🙂 ….a cereal killer. ha ha

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