Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 14 Hindman to Booneville 68 miles


After a fantastic breakfast with David we set out through very green countyside ,unfortunately the coal industry is in decline and this is reflected in the run down villages and closed stores. We were still being chased by dogs but not as bad as yesterday.Part of our route today was on road 15, a horrible hilly 4 lane main highway with loads of traffic,we finally turned off this road and made our way up and down even more hills to Buckhorn and then onto Booneville where Linda who runs the VIctorian Rose guest house ,picked us up and gave us a great meal,cold beer and a fine room each.


4 thoughts on “Day 14 Hindman to Booneville 68 miles

  1. Hi lads, just back from saturday spin, a great crowd and a great spin. Bernard must have taken us up every hill in Co Louth, plus he promised us a road that none of us would have ever been on before – and he was right but I think he was just trying to take our minds off the hills.
    Keep going guyss, enjoying the blog – look forward to it every day

  2. Just back from the Saturday morning spin.All the talk was about your trip.Everybody as jealous as me,but all concerned about the weight your putting on !

  3. I am thinking we could rename the Blog “Dave and Gerry’s Food and Move” could be a book even. sound like its going well, keep on keeping on lads

  4. at least with your “fine own room each” Gerry was able to get a good night sleep away from your snoring!!!!

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