Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 13 Breaks to HIndman 72 miles


3 miles out of Breaks and we were in Kentucky, we had our first encounter with stray dogs 4 of them ,we manged to fend them off with a mixture of shouting ,water and pepper spray.one owner even let his dog of the chain to chase us the bastard.The narrow roads took us up and over 3 mountains,very tough cycling, we passed through hill-billy villages that reminded us of deliverace,I didnt feel really like stopping to take many photos.After a last lung bursting hill we finally arrived in Hindman and greeted with cold sweet tea with ice and lemon by our hoast David who runs the Knott County Historical Society B&B camp site.Great dinner with Phil from Australia and Simon from London. Time for tentsville.


10 thoughts on “Day 13 Breaks to HIndman 72 miles

  1. Wouldn’t like to see his old car if this is his new one.

  2. Yes, pedal fast, eh very fast……

  3. Hilarious account of the day, loved the part about the dogs and hillbillies! Rock on guys!

  4. Can you play this one on the guitar yet ?

  5. Hope you are can find somewhere nice for your rest day. Keep out of the woods.

  6. Yes Bill you are guite correct,must keep peddaling

  7. sounds tough but good. always great to end the day with good food and nice people

  8. Well done great to hear from you again.I knew that “anti dog” training in Dunsaney would come in useful.

  9. Speaking of Deliverance – Keep in mind that you do not want to stumble upon someone’s moonshine still if you camp in the woods. Like the t-shirt says, “Pedal faster…I hear banjos”.

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