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Technical problems or technician problems?


Dave tells me he can’t get connected to the Wi-Fi in the restaurant – though he has tried!  Now is this a bad workman blaming his tools? Does Dave need to get some of our one-on-one computer lessons for seniors at Drogheda and District Support 4 Older People?????

Only joking, Dave!  I know from experience that you’re only brilliant!



P.S. – Stephanie (Dave’s wife) just commented that the lads should be in Kentucky today.  Great going – one state down!


5 thoughts on “Technical problems or technician problems?

  1. Well Done Lads – hope your settling into the routine and feeling good

  2. Hip-hip horray, hip-hip horray
    Kentucky cycling begins today!

  3. Should be in Kentucky today, first State finished. Everyone give them a big cheer on!!!!

  4. sure the internet thing will get sorted when you get into more populated places.

  5. Let’s hope the chain doesn’t come off his bike! Good on ya lads, keep pedalling, you’re going great.

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