Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 10 Wytheville to Damascus 59 miles


We woke a bit late this morning ,so did’nt get on the road until 10. Weather was very sunny but a bit cold as we headed off through cattle and goat farms ,passing through a fine town called Rural Retreat before heading off into vast wooded areas with streams running down ,making a burbling noise as the water shot across the rocks and stones .The terrain was again hilly but more gradual than previous days ,infact the last 5 miles down the road to Damascus was all down hill but we had decended from over 3,000 ft gained during the day. The crank on my bike had been making a terrible clanking noise for the past 2 days so we went into the bike shop in Damascus were we met Bill and his mate Alan.Bill fixed my bike and we noticed he had 2 quitars hanging up in his bike shop so you can guess what happened next,yes a session in Bills bike shop and because we were doing the cycle for charity there was no charge for the bike repair.Staying in the Lazy Fox Inn tonight ,an old world B&B ! Weve had a great day


11 thoughts on “Day 10 Wytheville to Damascus 59 miles

  1. Still jealous. Surely the time to reflect is while on the bike.How is Gerry’s diet going?

  2. If you get a chance you should hope a ride to the top of the Virginia Creeper Trail into Damascus. The trail is an old railroad bed which crosses back and forth over the stream for 10 miles. It’s a beautiful 10 mile downhill ride across dozens (yes, dozens) of trestle bridges and along the stream. You are now on “The Crooked Road” which was (and continues to be) the home of Bluegrass music.

  3. Rural Retreat is so like the America we imagine, delighted you both had a good day, glad to see Gerry’s favourite shorts got to make the journey – I thought they were heading for the bin ha ha have a good night !

  4. Hey i was just thinking the same as Cathy getting very descriptive, and heart felt, i like it. This is the america i want to see if i get to go there, the “fine” towns and the lovely people. so glad you have met such good people on your way, keep on enjoying your days 🙂

  5. You’re getting very poetic in your landscape descriptions there, Dave! Even if the body’s working hard the mind must be in a very calm place! Cathy

  6. Love the Bill’s Bike Shop story – and great pictures yet again. Enjoy the night in the B&B.

  7. Glad to hear you both had such a good day. Hope you have many more.

  8. Really enjoy reading your daily blog every morning. All sounds great. Keep pedalling.

    • Thanks john ,we like reading the comments .problem with my crank was that a washer was missing ffrom the non drive side,you may want to get Austin to check yours

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