Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Cycling day 9 (May 12) Blacksburg to Wytheville 60 miles


Yesterday was our rest day ,it should have been called our not cycling day.Our hoasts Don and Cassie run the "BIke the US for MS" charity organisation so the have a lot of experiance taking cyclists along the Trans Am route .We played music at their house with Don joining in on the fiddle any yesterday we played at Dons friends BBQ, it was great craic but we were warned not to use that expression too often !!

Todays 60 miles was again very hilly and we had a head wind all day,the route took up through the nice towns of Newbern and Max Meadows before we reached Wytheville which nestles between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains.What we would give for a 50 mile flat road with the wind benind us !


4 thoughts on “Cycling day 9 (May 12) Blacksburg to Wytheville 60 miles

  1. Was great having you guys! You left a pair of cycling shorts, I’ve mailed them to:

    Dave & Gerry
    General Delivery
    US Post Office
    222 Glades Rd
    Berea, KY 40403

    Hope it arrives on time ( and not on a Sunday )

    Cheers guys!

  2. Dave,

    Due to a medical issue with his daughter, my brother had to leave for Wichita early, so don’t worry about trying to find Louisville. Keep calm and carry on…

  3. So glad you know the correct spelling of craic or you would have a lot of explaining to do and leave people with a different option of Irish people 🙂
    great that it is allgoing do well and weather is improving i don’t reckon there are flat roads in you future.
    stay safe

  4. Looks to me that Gerry is putting on weight.More miles less eating!

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