Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 8 Troutville to Blaksburg 40 miles


As we left Troutville we met Randy again,he had seen our video and assured us he would making a donation,his favourite song of all time was Green fields of France. Once again a very hilly day,there must be some flat roads somewhere in Virginia .Picked up at the end of our cycle by Donald our warmshower hoast just as a thunderstorm erupted.May be playing music at a BBQ tomorrow as we are having a day off. Dropped and broke my phone .


11 thoughts on “Day 8 Troutville to Blaksburg 40 miles

  1. Hey Dave and Gerry looks good so far, people seem really good, just what’s needed after a hard day in the saddle. Just had a chat with Stephanie and all seems good, hoping to meet up for dinner or a coffee sometime soon.

    Kent is on his way so we will be driving the back roads of Ireland again

    Best of luck, John

  2. Thanks you all, we certainly represented ireland very well at the bbq

  3. Dave,

    My brother would be happy to see you if you find yourself near Louisville, Ky. He’s leaving on the 23rd for Kansas to visit his grandchildren there, but if you arrive before then contact him at (502) 905-0313. His name is John.

    Did you see my message about toothpaste?


  4. Enjoy the rest day……looks like you’re doing well………keep it going

  5. Enjoy the BBQ lads, and the well earned rest. We had 17 on the spin this morning despite strong winds and showers – oh, and hailstones actually. Everyone talking about your trip.

  6. What happened the mouse ,!,,!

  7. Lookin good lads even after a tough first week well done but what great hospitality! enjoy your much needed day off – hope you have left the hills behind you

  8. Despite the hill it look like you have yet again fallen on your feet with great hospitality 🙂 have a great day off and enjoy the music.

  9. are u ok, there seem to be a few day 7’s. Just read a blog from crazy men on bikes. Says there is a good bike repair shop on your next day cycle in Draper called The Junction if you need any repairs, oiling or checking over of bikes. Hope you have a good day off today and recharge your own batteries. How is weather. Crap here after lovely last weekend. We could be flooded out again soon. What happened to your phone? My Skype working ok, Ken called me on it last night, so no problem with it.

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