Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 4 Louisa to Charlottsville 60 miles Total so far 226


Went through numerous horse ranches today the hills continue to roll and the gradients getting steeper and steeper .Raining most of the afternoon so a tough days cycling. Arrived at Rob’s house ,the first time we had used a warmer showers member,we were greeted with beer and went for dinner with his friend Daniel and his girlfriend Tess. Best of all Rob and Daniel are in a rock band and have a studio in their basement so we had a great session when we got back from dinner. Its difficult to keep up with everything but were giving it a go .


13 thoughts on “Day 4 Louisa to Charlottsville 60 miles Total so far 226

  1. Well done guys. Sounds like it is going to be a classic ride. David

  2. Dave,

    Since I’m headed in that direction, should I bring along some toothpaste and drop it off with Stephanie?


  3. Well done Dave and Gerry, looks like a great experience and no bother to you both, hope all goes well and safe cycling to you both. Paddy Nugent.

  4. Keep it going Dave and Gerry

  5. I just added our home to the warmshowers.org website.
    Bill Kitchens

  6. Well done Dave and Gerry. Glad it is going so well. Looks like you are both having a great time.

  7. Great times!

  8. Delighted to see you get such a warm welcome, and you look like you are loving it !

  9. Great to see you both having a bit of a change from the cycling and looks like the “warm showers” are working.

  10. and what happened on the cycle today and any new sleeping facilities.??

  11. things never change! Gerry will be saying mass next….
    perhaps a few photos of the terrain your cycling through would be nice.
    Great to hear from you both

  12. Looks amasing so far lads, keep it going. Jackie

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