Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

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Day 3 The Kitchens to Louisa


We awoke from our camp at 6 ish and Bill was on hand to invite us up to his house for breakfast,we met his charming wife Nancy and there daughter Erin.What a breakfast – pancakes , omelettes,strawberries,syrup and coffee.We had both noticed that there was a constant pitter patter of a rain type substance on our tents during the night,turns out it was Fras, caterpillar shite. Today’s cycle took us through lush countryside and mature forests, with considerable hills and valleys, most roads had no hard shoulder but drivers were all very considerate and thoughtful (just like home).

?) Rain forecast for tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Day 3 The Kitchens to Louisa

  1. I’m jealous! Definitely on my to do list one day. Would love to ride from Cape Town to Botswana! Just time 😉

  2. Hi, it’s Paivi calling again… I found a nice and warm hostel in Charlottesville, so after a long day’s cycling in rain this is like heaven! I was really wet and I even managed to get lost! (well not really, I just thought that I missed the right road, so I returned a couple of miles… all in vain!) Anyway, all’s well that end’s well… My legs are pleading one day rest, so I’m staying here one more day and continue my trip on wednesday. All the best to you both!

  3. don’t forget to give us the milage.looks to me I am going to spend the summer getting more and more jealous

  4. Oops…that’s the Kitchens (not the Kitchers). Get a good ride in today before the rain hits for the next couple of days.

  5. This blog is brilliant guys… keep it coming. Amazed at your travels already! Such a great trip and hopefully you’ll get to entertain with that guitar Gerry!!! x Eimear King (Carroll)

  6. Hi Gerry, it is great of you to cycle across America!
    Look, I recently found out I have hundreds, probably thousands cousins in the States: most of them live in the South, and you may happen to meet many in Virginia: look for Taliaferro surname. I hope they will enjoy your music! 🙂
    Love from Venezia, Italia

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