Dave and Gerry's Trans-Am Charity Cycle

Dave, Gerry, Trans-American, Charity, Cycle, DDS4OP

Day 1 Yorktown to Glendale 65 miles


Started our journey at Yorktown, cycled through historic battlegrounds, woodlands, plantations and rich pastures. Some of the roadways were just for cyclists. Most of the places we went through were very small, in fact when we asked a person how far we were from Williamsburg he said “You are in it “.  We are sleeping in a church in Willis/ Glendale tonight, my miraculous medal must be working.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 Yorktown to Glendale 65 miles

    • This is beautiful! I love kayaking, great song!

      • And I know Williamsburgh is very important in the States’ history… There’s also The Wythe House, which was built by a distant cousin of mine for his daughter and her husband.
        Gerry, via Facebook I suggested to my American cousins to listen to your beautiful Music when they have a chance to

  1. Dave and Gerry are sleeping comfortably by the Little River in Beaverdam, Virginia tonight. It’s a clear night and the temperature should drop to the low 40’s (Fahrenheit) or 10 degrees C. The boys are camped below the Doswell family property offered as land grant from Charles I. We are about 5 miles from Scotchtown, the boyhood home of Patrick Henry. The URL below is a kayak run about 1/4 mile upstream from camp.

    The area featured prominently in the US Civil War with the battle of Ox Ford on the North Anna River. Confederate earth work trenches are throughout the area.

    I’ll check on them in the morning….haven’t seen the bear in a while, but the coyotes and bobcats are making a comeback.

  2. Looking good lads, enjoy the cycling

  3. Hi Dave and Gerry,
    this is Paivi calling… I’m staying in a hotel in Ashland for tonight. Holiday Inn or something like that. No churhes available here… But I found a bicycle shop nearby, at England Street, and they sell dog’s spray there! So, remembering your stories about the dogs in Tennesee, I just had to buy one spray…
    All the best for you, may the wind be at our back… maybe we meet again tomorrow or some other day! I’ll be following your blog!


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